killa's Character Page




Dark Dragon Fly Shadowed
Yami Oni Samurai Flaoting Head's
Shadow Stalker Of Time Cape
Cute Battle Drones
Legion Seraph Rune
Wings ofLight
Fox Tail CC
Popstar Music Notes
Icy Wings of Erfrierung
CC Plat Wings
Bloodborne Death's Shadow Cape
Snow Shadow Cape
Snow Hizu Cape
Ring Of Diamonds
Snow Back Scythe
Magnetica Jet No Emoji
Guardian cape
Fire Imp Tail
Prismatic Shadow Sepulchure
ColorCustom Key's Cape
Prismatic Eternal Flame
Celestial Slayer's Armored Wing
Celestial Slayer's Wings
Celestial Slayer's Wing
Infernal Revenger Wrap + Blade
Infernal Revenger Wings + Wrap
Glacial FrostScythe Wings
Glacial FrostScythe Cape
Glacial FrostScythe Wrap
Shinigami RingSpiked Cape
The Server is Down
CandyCaster Cloak
CC Kitsune Commander Tails
Golden Eternal Flame Cape
Magical Sparkling Roses Cape
Lord Of Order Double Wings + Wrap
Lord Of Order Wings
Lord Of Order Wings + Wrap
Otherworldly Chibifar0 Cape
Fire Aura
Squirrel Tail
DOOMFire Guard Cape
DOOMFire Guard Cape With Sword
Nightmare Tails
Dark Caster X Cape (Rare)
Dark Caster Arcanist Ring (Rare)
Festive Doomknight Cape
Frostval Knight Guardian
Frostval Knight Cape AURA
Frostval Knight Cape
Hero Hunter's Tail
Final Hearts Back Blade
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Wings
Oozing Chaotic Claws
Italy Flag
Shogun Katanas on Your Hip
Memet Kigu Tail
Gabriel Dark Wings
Gabriel Golden Wings
Gabriel Light/Rainbow Wings
Gabriel's Love
Gabriel Wings (Back)
Gabriel Angelic Wings
Gabriel Wings (Head)
Xyv Magic Cards
Lycan Stalker's Blade Cape
Shadow Werepyre Wings
Blood Bone Lord Tome
Cupid's Feathers
Prismatic Wings of the Fallen
Magicly Rings
Tana Wings
Gabriel Dark/Rainbow Wings
Spirits of Dark Rock
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Shadow Minion
Celestial Starmage Scamp (Cape)
Lycan Stalker's Wrap + Blade
Apocalyptic Werepyre Wings
Clovercraft Cape
Apocalyptic Dragon Tail
Apocalyptic Dragon Wings
Hedgie Kigu Memet pet
Drudgen the Assistant
Crag & Bamboozle
Reign Doggy 15
Dwobo Bank
Ghost Bunny Glitch
Shadow Wraith
Nulgath Challenge Pet
Dark Elf Pet
Armored Chickcalf
Ghostly Chibifar0 Bank
Echo of THAT Pet
DOOMFire Guard Sword Pet
Oblivion of Nulgath
Sneevil Roadie Pet
Alice in Chains Banshee
Pink Bunny
Festive New Years Cannon
party twig
Celestial Starmage Scamp
Memet pet
Shadow Blade Battle Pet
Prismatic Twilly
Faberge Pinoy
Shadow Blade Pet
Boombox Pet
Battling Grandhonk Goose the Gray
far0 the Originally Almighty Bank
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Sword Battlepet
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Sword Pet
Chaos Dragon
Mariache Helmet
Shadow Stalker Of Time Masked
Hair Style
Cowgirl Vigilante
Evolved Grenadier Hair
Prismatic Horned Infernal Face
Custom Valefor's Bunny Hat
Prismatic Voltaire Hat
Fanged Cultist Mask
Prismatic SnowStalker Locks
Dark Shadow Lock's
Horned Wylde Faerie Hair
Snow Mix Horns
Snow Mix Rev Helm
Snow Mix9 Helm
Snow Personal Helm
Bell Snow Hair
the summer time hair
Obsidian Mask
Demonic Shadow Flame Face Guard Wrap CC
Spellsword's Hair
Elven Santa Hat 11
Girly Santa Hat 11
Santa Claws' Battle Helm 11
Santa Hat Twilly Head 11
Zephyr Hair
Zephyr Locks
Rhuburb Girl Hat's
Rhubarb Helmet
Gypsy Pirate Hockey Mask
Voltaire Hat
Bag Helm
Immortal Chronomancer Hood
Arcane Halo + Locks Morph
Celestial Slayer's Horns + Locks
Celestial Slayer's Horns
Infernal Locks + Crown
Legion Top Hat
Glacial FrostScythe Helm
Nightmare Santa Hunk
Revontheus Helm V2
Casual Evolved Emo
CandyCaster Top Hat
Sage Void of Revontheus
Sage Hood of Revontheus
Sage Horns of Revontheus
Sage Mask of Revontheus
Cat Burglar M
Rez's Personal Tester Hat2
Frankenstein Curse
Hockey Mask
Wicked Witch Curse
Medusa Curse
Mengao Cap
Mengao Cap Locks
Heroic Bride's Locks
Heroic Groom's Hair
Lord Of Order Helm
Lord Of Order Horns
High Lord Of Order Helm
Elegant Hat
Elegant Locks
Sheevra Hair Morph
Sheevra Mask
Sheevra Locks
Sheevra Mask + Locks
Witch's Hat
Brain In A Jar Helm
DOOMFire Guard Helm
DOOMFire Guard Horned Helm
Girly Hair
Wraith of Darkness Hair
Archer hair of Jakonda
Angelic Side Halo
Pink Erfrierung Head
Elegant Hat + Mask
Christmas Locks
Festive Cheer Locks
Festive Nekko
Festive EarMuffs and Locks
Vampirate Hat + Scarf
BrightSlayer Helm
BrightSlayer Ponytail
BrightSlayer Shag
CC Rev Crown
Animated Rev Face
Shadow Void Shogun Helm
Kitty Clown Face
Legion Soulstealer Locks
Piggy Clown Face
Chaos Hawk-X-TREME
Memet Kigu Hair
Memet Kigu Locks
Rhubarb Guy Helmet
Clawsuit Barbarian Fur Hood
Horned Clawsuit Barbarian Hood
Werepyre Braided Morph + Locks
Shadow Flame
Blood Bone Lord Mask
ColorCustom Conical Hat
Nulgath Soul Weaver Hood
Shadow Santa Lycan Hair
NulgathSoul Weaver Hood Horns
CC Tobi
Celestial Starmage Locks (Guard)
Celestial Starmage Ponytail
SpLands Locks
Prismatic Halo
Valoth Tomix Helmet
Werepyre Braided Morph
Shadow Werepyre Morph + Locks
Hero Hunter's Morph
Werepyre Morph
Werepyre's Guard Locks
Werepyre's Guard Hair
Lycan Stalker's Hair
Freak on a Leash Morph
Crystallis VoidSlayer Locks
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Mask
Lieutenant Lucchi's Locks
Void Vampire Guard's Locks
See Universion Lock's
Andy Red Crown
Hair Of Viltusial
Werepyre Morph + Locks
Shadow Werepyre Morph
Lycan Stalker's Hood
Celestial Starmage Hair (Guard)
Xmas Cutie Hat
Xmas Cutie Locks
Xmas Cutie Stripe Hat
Xmas Cutie Stripe Locks
Xmas Cutie Ears + Locks
Xmas Cutie Ears
Bright Elf Crown + Locks
Bright Elf Hair + Morph
Bright Elf Morph + Locks
Apocalyptic Watcher's Hair
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Morph Locks
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Morph Horns
Chaos Dragon Head
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Hair
Apocalyptic Watcher's Locks
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Morph Hair
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Horns + Locks
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Locks
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Locks
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Horns
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Hair
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Morph Horn + Locks
Burning Light Of Destruction
Mengao Da Best
Melee Mosher Axe
Evolved Prismatic Ascended Light of Awe
Prismatic Ascended Light of Awe
Legion Bow CC
Festive Elf's Bow
Dual Lightning Lich's Strikes
Revers Dark Assassin Blade
CC Spiralling KeyBlades
Santa Claw's Ripper 11
Santa's Impaler 11
Immortal Chronomancer Daggers
Bronze Barrels
Reverse Spiralling Keyblades
Dual Glacial Balrog Blades
CC Injector
Dual Final Doom Fire
Red Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Yellow Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Blue Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Katana of Proton Dage
Beastly Berry Mugs
Hollowsoul Ghoul's Dirk
Hollowsoul Knight Captain's Dirk
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
HollowSoul Dual Dirks
Brightslayer Dagger and Shield
Frostval Knight Icy Katana
Evil Clown Katanas
Golden Destiny
Broken Betrayal Blades
Eternal Dragon blades
Prismatic LED Dragon Blade
Rainbow Dagger
Trapper's Accoutrements
Trapper's Daggers
CC Flames
Crystallis VoidSlayer Claws
Steampunk Single Barrel
Punk Pistol
Legendary Bow
Red Rose
Void Monk's Flame
Life Giver
Beastly Berry Mug
Elegant Masquerade Fan
Elegant Masquerade Tea
Escanor's Rhitta Axe
Apocalyptic Werepyre Reaver
Blood Bone Lord Mace
Prismatic Mariachi Hero Guitar
Prismatic Pan
Apocalyptic Werepyre Dragon Reaver
Kotaro's Baby Pillow
Dark Death Scythe
Dark Shadow Harvest
Red Satanic Polearm
CC ShadowFlame DragonSpear
Electric Arc
Skyguard Spear
Glacial FrostScythe Scythe
Polearm of Power Up of Dage
Scyth of The Legion
Lord Of Order Polearm
Dragon Scythe
Chaos DragonMaster Scythe
Rainbow Staff
Shogun Naginata
Crystallis VoidSlayer Scythe
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Spear
HeartScythe of Revontheus
Supreme Shadow of the Fiend
Scepter of the Ignited Ones
Nulgath Surfboard
Dage Surfboard
Red Pitchfork
CandyCaster Cane
Flexing Ice Metal of Erfrierung
Celestial Starmage Staff
Celestial Starmage Scepter
Cane of Greed
Candy Cane
Bounty Hunter Blade
Custom Necrotic Sword of Doom
Supreme Red Sword
Shinobi Katana
Cyber Blade of Doom
White effect
Crystal Blade of The Fallen
Rifle Cutlass
Vampiric M4trix of Nulgath (Rare)
Blade of Revenant
Skyguard Recruit Blade
Tactical Cutlass
Celestial Slayer's Blade
Infernal Revenger's Blade
Blade of the Loyal Legion
Blood Ice
Ice katana
Lord Of Order Blade
Glacial Balrog Blade
Ghostly Staff
All Hallowed Blade
4D Sword
Illuminate Green Blade of Valoth
Hollowsoul Knight Captain's Blade
Blade of the Fallen Vampire
Single Champion Blade of Revamp
Infuse Champion Blades
Chaotic Dragonblade
Rose Discordia
Katana of Christmas
BrightSlayer Accoutrements
Hero Hunter's Fangs Blade
Chaos Warrior Omegus
Chaos BloodLetter
Chaos Shaper Sword
Gabriel Greatsword
Cutlass of Pirates
Terror of the Void
The Great Void Slasher
Custom Corpse Maker of Nulgath
Trapper's Dirk
Venom Dragon Blade
Defender Of Light
Dragon Blade Of Espirit
Dark Dragon Blade
Converg Scythe
Custom Edge Blade of Z
Apocalyptic Shadow Blade
Celestial Starmage Blade
Apocalyptic Dragon's Edge
Apocalyptic Dragon's Blade
5000 stacked zaps
Bronze Arena Coin
Undead Desert Boss
Shadow Chocolate
Ultimate Strength Potion
Dark Spirit Orb
Dark Essence of Evil
Bone Dust
Broken Essence of Necrotic
Klunk Token
Big Jack Sprat Essence
Undead War Boss Medal
Silver Arena Coin
Golden Arena Coin
Platinum Arena Coin
galaxy Arena Coin
Voucher of Nulgath
Voucher of Nulgath (Non-Mem)
Tainted Gem
Hamster tamed
Bug fixed
Essence of Nulgath
Xyv Defeated
Wastes Monsters Killed
Glacial ice
Eternal ice
Prismatic Token
SP Cupon
Fawn defeated
Mix Aura of Sepulchure
Furbogium Token
Wastes Tokens
Chaos Corrupter Token
Legacy Token
Esmerald Coupon
Cyber Emblem
Book of Lord
DarkLord Token
Nation Cyber Fragment
Elemental M4tr1x Essence
Black Token
Copper PvP Amulet +500
Maskq Tokens
Fire Fire Monkey tokens

Classes & Armors

Warrior (Rank 3)
Naval Commander (Rank 1)
Infinity Titan (Rank 5)
Testing Class (Rank 8)
Crystaline [Lqs] (Rank 10)
Exalted Fiend [Lqs] (Rank 8)
Abyssal Lord (Rank 10)
Evolved Grenadier (Rank 9)
Great Thief (Rank 10)
Master of Moglins (Rank 9)
Frostval Barbarian (Rank 9)
Lightning Caster (Rank 10)
Legion Necromancer (Rank 7)
Legion Revenant (Rank 5)
Blaze Blinder (Rank 1)
Dark DragonMaster (Rank 1)
ProtoSartorium (Rank 5)
Frozen glacial Mage (Rank 9)
Safiria (Rank 10)
LightGuard (Rank 6)
Exalted Fiend (Rank 10)
EvilGuard (Rank 10)
Blood Titan (Rank 10)
Sans [LQS] (Rank 8)
Daimon (Rank 6)
Lady Marcelline (Rank 5)
Happi Xymas (Rank 7)
Immortal Bard (Rank 6)
Immortal Chronomancer (Rank 1)
Bard (Rank 1)
ChronoChristmas (Rank 7)
Abyssal Glacial Berserker (Rank 8)
Warlord (Rank 1)
Ninshu (Rank 7)
Frostval Knight (Rank 6)
Chaos DragonMaster (Rank 6)
Heroic ShadowScyth General (Rank 10)
Chicken CowLord (Rank 6)
Golden Infinity Knight (Rank 10)
Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Corrupted Chronomancer (Rank 10)
Chaos Paladin Class (Rank 5)
Dragonslayer General (Rank 8)
Retro Pink (Rank 10)
Glacial Royality (Rank 8)
Frozen Knight (Rank 7)
Paladin (Rank 1)
Fanda not Panda (Rank 6)
Avanger Slayer (Rank 8)
Integrity Knight (Rank 10)
Horc Master HamsterTammer (Rank 6)
Drop out (Rank 10)
Doctor Stranger
Mariachi Hero
Rose Formal
Mr Bubblo
Raglan Armor
Luck Champion
Dark Corsair
Fairy Leprechaun
Prismatic Festive Cheer Suit
Dark CrownsGuard Suit
OathBreaker Naval Commander
Line Custom Shirt
Bloody Naval Commander
Prismatic Voltaire
Scarlet's Costume
Frostval Deer Suit
Snow Lycan T-shirt
Snow Mix Rev Armor
Snow Personal Naval
Sexy Guard
SummerTime Rev Armor
Royal Suit
Malani Warrior
Red Moglin Suit 11
Pie-Rate Captain
Solar Naval Commander
Immortal Chronomancer
Forgotten Naval Commander
Digital Duality of Nulgath (Rare)
MJ Custom Jack
Dark Cursed Pirate
Frosted Fiend
EbilCorp Standard Player
Glacial Warlord
Dark Vampire
Sage of Revontheus
Prismatic Naval Commander
Legion Revenant
Wicked Crystal Naval Commander
Xiang Chaos
Shadow DoomLord Armor
CC Elegant Masquerade [F]
CC Legion Jolly Roger (F)
CC School Uniform [F]
Red Nation of Pirates
13th Naval Commander
Ice Wizard
Legion Pyromancer
Lord Of Order
Pegalion Plate
Dorian and Dorothy
Insane Caster
Dark Caster X (Rare)
Dark Caster (Rare)
Sage of The Six Path
RGB Samurai Vest (Purple)
AIC Logo T-shirt
Elegant Masquerade
Royally Changed
Santa Armor
Silver Xmas Cutie
Formal Mage
Blue Dragon Khan Rider
Evolved Dragonslayer Armor
Red Dragon Khan Rider
Vile Winter Slayer
Sinister Clown
Angel Avengers Team
Broncolich Away Gear
Broncolich Fantasy Gear
Classic Broncolich Gear
CC Evolved Legion Vampire
Beta Alpha Pirate Armor
Shadow Void Shogun
Kitty Clown
Abyss Naval
Dark Bling Armor
[X] zanar
Dragon Hero Armor
Eternal Dragon Warrior
Chaos watcher
Memet Kigu
Clawsuit Barbarian
Werepyre's Shadow Armor
Hero Hunter
Werepyre's Guard
Valentine Warrior
Warlord Naval Commander
See Universion
NulgathSoul Weaver
Black Paladin
Elegant Victorian Garb
Celestial Starmage
7Th Animation
GoldenSkull Naval Commander [F]
Gumi [F]
Prismatic Pyromancer Armor
Prismatic Gangstar
9Th Animation
Valoth Tomix
Lycan Stalker
Malevolent Werepyre Armor
Enchanted DragonMage
Ruler Of The Deep
CC Divine Mage
FootBall Iron Death
J-Sixth Lord
Freak on a Leash (Armor)
Unchained Rocker Armor
William's Outfit
Kotaro's PJs
Crystallis VoidSlayer
SpellSword Artifact Hunter
10Th Animation
Thug Naval
11Th Animation
Sailor Outfit [F]
Nordic Gold Warrior (Rare)
Xmas Cutie Armor
Blunder buster
Deepdweller Pirate
Phoenix Plate
Dark Druid Armor
Bright Elf
Apocalyptic Werepyre
Apocalyptic DragonKing
Apocalyptic DragonLord
Chaos Dragon Slayer
Gold: 506120000
Coins: 117716
Kills: 170
Deaths: 136