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Glacial Knight Rune
Festive Doomknight Cape
Master Cape CC
Nightmare Tails
CC Foxtails
Nekoyasha Mane
Cupid's Feathers
CC Kitsune Commander Tails
XZPersonalGirl Cape
Lycan Stalker's Wrap + Blade
Hero Hunter's Tail
Key Cape DT
The M4tr1x
Ebony VoidCaster Backblades
Black Legion Raven Cape
Xyv Magic Cards
Frostval Envoy Bells
FrostEdge Fae Wings
Prismatic Twilly
far0 the Originally Almighty Bank
Shadow Blade Battle Pet
Dark Holiday Collection Chest
Dark Hamster
Sinora Star
Queen of Hearts Crown
Gothika Love is Blind Curls
Mengao Cap Locks
Festive Cheer Locks
Festive EarMuffs and Locks
Christmas Locks
Supreme DoomKnight's Locks
Nightmare Santa Hunk
Frostval Knight Santa Helm (locks)
Frostval knight Crown (Locks)
Apocalyptic DragonLord's Locks
SpLands Locks
Frostval Envoy Helm
CC horned of darkness
Crystallis VoidSlayer Locks
Void Vampire Guard's Locks
Hero Hunter's Morph
Giefurious Morph
Festive Elf's Horns + Locks
Windswept Hair
Xmas Cutie Ears
Xmas Cutie Ears + Locks
Bright Elf Crown + Locks
Bright Elf Hair + Crown
Bright Elf Crown + Hair
Bright Elf Morph + Hair
Earth Chan
Dark ShadowSlayer Z's Hat
Mediator Locks
SpiderWitch Hairlocks
Bright Elf Locks + Crown
Bright Elf Morph + Locks
Xmas Cutie Hat
Xmas Cutie Stripe Locks
Xmas Cutie Stripe Hat
Xmas Cutie Locks
Boreal Cavalier Locks
FrostEdge Fae Locks
Frostedge Fae Hair
Bright Elf Locks + Morph
Lightning ClawsHood
Lightning Santa Hunk
Lightning Santa Cutie
Northland Slasher Hat + Locks
Hestia Kuchiki Knife
Prismatic LED Dragon Blade
Eternal Dragon blades
Shadows of Ragnarok
Escanor's Rhitta Axe
Kotaro's Baby Pillow
Shogun Naginata
Ancient Frostdragon Scythe
Elegant Masquerade Cane
Candy Cane
Darky Sky Karambit
Hero Hunter's Fangs Blade
Bright Elf Sword
Cyber Necrotic Sword of Doom
Evo Excalibur
Ancient Sword
Chaos Excalibur
Singularity Sworden
Apocalyptic Dragon's Edge
Lightning Knuckle Sword
Chaos Corrupter Token
Prismatic Token
Merlin Titan Token
Fiend Token
Essence of Nulgath
Bronze Arena Coin
5000 stacked zaps
Icy Xan's head
Glacial ice
Eternal ice
Energy Crystal Shard
Gold Special Unit
Klunk Token
Knight Token
LQWorlds Alpha Bag
Zombie Meat
Legacy Token
Shadow bones
Shadow warriors
Hamster tamed
Fawn defeated
Bug fixed
Iced bones
Wastes Tokens
Furbogium Token
Black Token
Nation Cyber Fragment
DarkLord Token
Regenerative Aura
Dwobo Coin
Fortune Potion
Super Spider Slain
Book of Lord
Wastes Monsters Killed
Xyv Defeated
Lightning Storm
SP Cupon
Potion of X Matter
Potion of Evasion
Ultimate Strength Potion
Pure Dragon Bone
Enchanted Magical Scroll
ShurpBlaze Token
Earth Crystal Shard
Condensed Void
Intact Void Husk
Void Soul
Maskq Tokens
Gold Boost (10 min)
Experience Boost (10 min)
Class Boost (10 min)
Reputation Boost (1 Day)

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses

Wall Items

Floor Items

Gold: 500320000
Coins: 123819
Kills: 230
Deaths: 190